Are activated nuts better for you?

The nut trend has lasted for a couple of years now, and it’s hard to ignore the health benefits that activation has on digestion and enhanced nutrient absorption.

But, what are activated nuts, really? They are nuts that have been soaked in water and salt for over 7-12 hours. Once soaked, they are dehydrated at a low temperature for about 1 day before eating.

What are the benefits of soaking and activating nuts? The process of soaking and sprouting the nuts reduces phytates, compounds that interfere with absorption. This process increases the bioavailability of nutrients so that mineral absorption is increased and digestion is easier.

This technique is especially useful if you eat large amounts of nuts or if after eating nuts you experience bloating, cramping or nausea.

How can you activate your nuts at home?

1.  Soak the nuts in water and salt for 7-12 hours.

2..  Rinse in a colander, straining away the excess water.

3.  Slowly roast the nuts at very low temperature in an oven or dehydrate until completely dry (usually taking 24 hours).

4.  Eat within 2 days because the activating process makes the nuts more prone to developing moulds.